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Debt Collection

Experienced El Paso Debt Relief Lawyer Advocates for Clients

Effective attorney helps Texas debtors stop harassment

Falling behind on payments is a financial issue, not a moral failing. No matter how much money is involved, collectors are not permitted to use abusive or unlawful tactics to settle your debt. Unfortunately, people are sometimes too embarrassed or too afraid to assert their rights and get the help they need to resolve their money problems.

At The Law Offices of Cheryl S. Davis, P.C. in El Paso and Arlington, I am an attorney with more than 20 years of experience assisting individual and business clients in Texas harassed by creditors. Whatever your specific challenge entails, my firm will deal with your creditors honestly and effectively.

Knowledgeable firm takes on unlawful tactics used by creditors

Creditors and the agencies they hire to collect payments frequently take advantage of vulnerable debtors. If you’re facing constant calls, threatening letters, excessive penalties or other types of pressure, I’ll make sure you have the information and legal support you deserve in matters involving:

  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act — The federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act along with their Texas versions prohibit various actions that have become commonplace among third-party debt collectors, such as calls at inconvenient hours, deceptive tactics, unwarranted penalties, excessive contacts, and communications at a debtor’s workplace.
  • Collections harassment — Abusive behavior during the collections process is illegal and should never be tolerated. My firm takes assertive action when creditors step over the line. If the dispute is based on an error, I work immediately to correct the situation.
  • Debt relief negotiations — Using my knowledge of the law and the various debt-relief options that are available, I work on behalf of business and individual clients to reach agreements with creditors. In many cases, a small revision in terms can alleviate a debtor’s problems.

My firm represents clients throughout the El Paso & Dallas Metroplex areas. Unlike other debt-relief firms, I’m not looking to handle the highest volume of cases. Rather, I devote my full time and attention to each client so that they can overcome their financial difficulties and achieve a long-term solution.

Contact a dedicated El Paso debt relief attorney to make an appointment

The Law Offices of Cheryl S. Davis, P.C. assists Texas clients with all types of debt relief matters. Please call 915-565-9000 or contact me online to schedule your free consultation.