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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Proven Texas Lawyer Handles Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Filings in El Paso & Dallas

El Paso attorney secures legal relief for Texans who need repayment plans

Even for many people earning a steady income, living paycheck to paycheck has become a fact of life. As a result, temporary money troubles can linger for years, compounded by interest and penalties. Chapter 13 bankruptcy gives people in this situation an opportunity to stop collectors from bothering them while an appropriate repayment plan is worked out.

The Law Offices of Cheryl S. Davis, P.C. represents Texans in Chapter 13 proceedings where appropriate repayment plans allow debtors to satisfy their obligations over a period from three to five years. This can be a useful process for people who aren’t eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or who seek a solution that doesn’t require asset liquidation.

Accomplished firm establishes fair arrangements for people and businesses

My firm conducts a full review of your assets, income and debts to determine if a financial reorganization under Chapter 13 will accomplish the results you seek. I’ll make sure that you are completely informed about each aspect of these actions:

  • Automatic stay — In Chapter 13 filings, as in other types of filings, an automatic stay is issued, preventing collectors from contacting you or taking steps to secure payment. My firm will detail your priority debts, secured debts and unsecured debts to give you the best chance for a resolution that will be accepted by the judge.
  • Repayment plan — As an attorney with more than 20 years of experience, I can find creative ways to deal with complex situations and each client’s individual concerns. No matter how many creditors exist, I work to craft a repayment plan that repays them while allowing you to meet your needs. Depending on the situation, the program might include longer payment periods, lower interest rates, reduced penalties and/or debts that are forgiven completely.
  • Plan confirmation and budget counseling — Once the court approves your repayment plan, you remain free of collections harassment as long as you abide by the plan’s terms. To encourage compliance, you must complete a budget counseling course that offers useful guidance on managing your finances.

Don’t hesitate to secure the financial relief you seek. I offer personalized guidance to each client so that they can emerge from their money troubles with a strong financial foundation.

Contact an effective Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney to schedule a meeting

The Law Offices of Cheryl S. Davis, P.C. handles Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings for Texas clients and also assists with other debt relief challenges. Please call 915-565-9000 or contact me online to schedule your free consultation.