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Dallas Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Lawyer Serves Clients in the Dallas Area

Experienced attorney offers reliable financial guidance for Texas clients

As we’ve seen, one unexpected event can trigger serious financial problems for families across America, and the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex is no exception. A medical crisis, divorce or job loss can impose debt that individuals and families are not in a position to pay. Fortunately, The Law Offices of Cheryl S. Davis, P.C., with an office in Arlington, gives area individuals and businesses the chance to get a fresh financial start. As an attorney with more than 20 years of experience representing people in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington and neighboring parts of Texas in bankruptcy proceedings, I am ready to help you navigate the process of obtaining relief from creditors so you can start on the path to controlling your finances.

Savvy metroplex legal advocate helps clients eliminate and reduce serious debts

Once you file for bankruptcy, your creditors and the collection agencies they hire must stop all efforts to collect their debts from you, except through the bankruptcy court. If I represent you, all communications must go through me. In addition, bankruptcy stops the further imposition of interest and penalties. To help give DFW residents a voice in how their debts are handled, my firm assists in the following areas:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy — This powerful tool gives debtors the ability to discharge debts that aren’t specifically exempted (such as taxes and child support payments). However, your income must be below a certain level to file under Chapter 7. If you qualify, I’ll explain the process and help you make a new financial start.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy — Sometimes, even with a steady paycheck, your income doesn’t meet your current debt obligations. Dealing with persistent creditors only makes things worse. My firm works with clients filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy to craft a repayment plan they can live with while they pay down what they owe.
  • Debt analysis — Bankruptcy might be the right solution to help you discharge or pay down your major debts, but it’s not for everyone. That is why, before I file for bankruptcy on your behalf, I provide a thorough analysis of your debts and explain your options, so that you can make informed choices.
  • Debt relief negotiation — Whether you decide to pursue bankruptcy or require skillful negotiation outside the court system, I will advocate on your behalf with creditors to find payment arrangements that offer meaningful debt relief.

Before you file for bankruptcy, you should understand whether it can help you and how each of the available options might affect your ability to get back on your feet financially. I will thoroughly evaluate your financial situation so you can take positive steps toward a life free from overwhelming debt.

Contact a skillful Texas bankruptcy lawyer for a consultation

The Law Offices of Cheryl S. Davis, P.C. advises clients in the Dallas area on a full range of bankruptcy matters. Please call 915-565-9000 or contact me online to schedule your free consultation.